JAA phone and Hybrid users: Phone encryption

Below is an explanation on how to encrypt and lock the phones themselves. This is so if the wrong people get your phones, they will be useless to them. You should always encrypt the phones whether are using the JAA phone system, or the Hybrid. We never break laws, so the encryption is not about avoiding prosecution. Mainly we don’t want casinos to access to anything. Keep in mind many countries have laws that can force you to provide your decryption password if you have broken laws.


If you do the encyption properly, it will be almost impossible for anyone to unlock and decrypt your phones. And you can lock them with a press of a button.


How to Encrypt Phones


The process is different for every phone, but here’s the process for most Android phones:


1. Fully charge the phone and leave it on charge


2. Set a lock screen password. It should be easy to remember, but impossible to guess. Do not lose or forget it or your phone will be useless.


3. Go to "Settings" > "More" > "Security" and select "Encrypt device". The encryption will take aboout 15 minutes to complete.


When it’s complete, make sure that when you press the power button, the phone will lock and require your password. Now whenever you want, you can press the button to lock your phone and it will be virtually impossible for anyone to see what’s on your phone.