Hybrid camera zoom

One user’s camera is unable to zoom. He’s using the correct hardware, but something like the firmware would be the problem. Not every phone of the same model (mentioned in ads) is the same. Until now, every combination of phone and camera worked. I found a Huawei that doesn’t zoom with the correct camera model. But it zooms with other camera models.


The combination of hardware, firmware and software is always troublesome because every part must be compatible. Phone manufacturers try to stick to standards best they can but there are too many differences to make it all perfect.


For now the inability to zoom is an isolated incident. But I’ve asked the programmer to look into it. I expect he’ll ask for the target devices for development, but I’m asking him to try a simple solution first.


Again it is very important to purchase only the models I specify. This at least minimizes the chances of software incompatibility. Do not just assume one phone is the same as the other. Even two iphone 6’s can have significant firmware differences.