Updated Hybrid apps

The updated app for the Bettor phones is now available. Download it from the same location as the old app, and install it on all Bettor phones BEFORE you do any testing with me. Make sure you fully delete the old app first so you don’t accidentally install the old app again, otherwise we’ll waste time testing an incompatible version.

Hybrid Mods

The mod for American 00 wheels is now fully complete, and working with sending predictions to phones. I tested and couldn’t find any issues.


There’s a minor issue with the smaller camera for the Hybrid, which would make hiding the camera very easy. But I’ll need a different programmer to fix it. It’s not an essential mod, but will be useful in many situations.


Now the Hybrid server handles 100% of the jump tuning. It already did with one of the settings, but now it works with all settings. Basically it means the players don’t even need to leave the table once. And if something needs adjustment, they don’t need to do anything or worry about anything because the server handles it all. This is especially useful for new players, because they have even less to learn. All the bettor needs to do is connect to the server once, then bet when they receive predictions. This mod also prevents the player from making costly mistakes.


The latest version now easily switches between camera views. So if you left the table for some reason, and had to change positions at the table (ie to the other side of the table), it isn’t a problem.


I received the earpieces today, so I’m finishing packaging and will do all shipping asap. I will try and ship everything tomorrow, but it depends on my available time. If it isn’t tomorrow (Friday), it will be Monday. If you are waiting for anything to be shipped, your items will be included.

Free trial roulette computer

The free trial computer is finished except for a minor arithmetic error that was found in testing. After it has been corrected, I’ll test it once more and release it. But I may not have time to test it until later this week.

Hybrid access details

I’ve completed setup of the new Hybrid encryption server, including testing. But I haven’t yet had time to email new users their login details, instructions etc, although will tomorrow. It just takes a bit of time to assign the correct IP addresses and ports to each user. So tomorrow new users will be able to download the software needed.


The next step will be organizing a time for a live test with me, where you connect to the Hybrid server and stream live video to it. I should be able to do this some time this Wednesday 15th July (or the following day).


Also the bonus I offered the programmer has had the intended effect, and now work is progressing quickly. In the coming weeks, I’ll be very busy testing with the upcoming mods. After that it’s probable I’ll stop taking players for jaa or hand over greater control to partners (I’ll need more time for hybrid application). It wont affect existing players except that it will be more important to rely on the help desk for support, instead of contacting me.

Hybrid camera

A rotational camera for the hybrid has now been tested, and works perfectly. Also mods have been made that allow the attachment of an external camera, where the camera is about 3mm thick. So it can be hidden just about anywhere.

Hybrid encryption server and connections

If you are waiting for access details to the Hybrid remote (such as apps, software, instructions etc) I’ll send them some time in the coming week. I couldn’t send them this week because the maximum users has been reached for the the last server, so I need to set up another. This will take about a day of configuring. The way I have it configured now, each server has a maximum of 5 users at one time. Although all 5 users are unlikely to use it at the same time, I still need the availability in case it’s needed. I’m referring to the encryption server, not the Hybrid server itself. The Hybrid servers currently allow a maximum of 2 users at a time.


The current connection I’m using can support about teams at the same time (depends on video bitrate settings). If the limit is ever reached, I now have access to a 300mbit up/down direct connection to the internet backbone as a backup. But I need to travel to set it up and it’s not convenient. The other option is house rental with a NBN connection with 100mbit line, but that’s a more expensive option. In any case everything is scalable, and I’m still working on the most viable solution as requirements change.


If you are waiting for either earpieces or JAA/Hybrid cables: I only received new cables today (I was out of stock). Also I’ve been out of earpieces for over a week and was supposed to have plenty arrive by now, but the shipment from the supplier was lost, found, and eventually returned to sender without me knowing anything about it. So now I’ve ordered from two other suppliers and will have them by mid next week. So I’ll do all shipping late next week, including any shipping for phones.

Calls today

I wont be taking voice calls today due to health issues (can barely speak), but will be online to chat via Skype.

Hybrid and JAA mods

The programmer has been working at a much slower rate than usual, because of his other commitments. So I’ve offered him a bonus payment for priority work, which hopefully will result in completion of various modifications. If everything goes as intended, he should be complete in around 3 weeks.