Hybrid encryption server and connections

If you are waiting for access details to the Hybrid remote (such as apps, software, instructions etc) I’ll send them some time in the coming week. I couldn’t send them this week because the maximum users has been reached for the the last server, so I need to set up another. This will take about a day of configuring. The way I have it configured now, each server has a maximum of 5 users at one time. Although all 5 users are unlikely to use it at the same time, I still need the availability in case it’s needed. I’m referring to the encryption server, not the Hybrid server itself. The Hybrid servers currently allow a maximum of 2 users at a time.


The current connection I’m using can support about teams at the same time (depends on video bitrate settings). If the limit is ever reached, I now have access to a 300mbit up/down direct connection to the internet backbone as a backup. But I need to travel to set it up and it’s not convenient. The other option is house rental with a NBN connection with 100mbit line, but that’s a more expensive option. In any case everything is scalable, and I’m still working on the most viable solution as requirements change.