Hybrid Mods

The mod for American 00 wheels is now fully complete, and working with sending predictions to phones. I tested and couldn’t find any issues.


There’s a minor issue with the smaller camera for the Hybrid, which would make hiding the camera very easy. But I’ll need a different programmer to fix it. It’s not an essential mod, but will be useful in many situations.


Now the Hybrid server handles 100% of the jump tuning. It already did with one of the settings, but now it works with all settings. Basically it means the players don’t even need to leave the table once. And if something needs adjustment, they don’t need to do anything or worry about anything because the server handles it all. This is especially useful for new players, because they have even less to learn. All the bettor needs to do is connect to the server once, then bet when they receive predictions. This mod also prevents the player from making costly mistakes.


The latest version now easily switches between camera views. So if you left the table for some reason, and had to change positions at the table (ie to the other side of the table), it isn’t a problem.