Schedule 6 – 21 October

I’ll be away between 6 – 21 October but will be working while away, although wont be as quick to respond to emails. Support tickets aren’t affected.
I’ll have a Hybrid server with me and can interchange user accounts as needed, although I’ll be in transit for 18 hrs so access wont be available between 6-7th October.

New hybrid version

I’ve received an updated hybrid version, which includes new phone apps. I’ll be testing them tomorrow, and installing the following day. Also the technician has started works on some cable mods, so if you are waiting for a phone and/or cable, it wont be much longer.

JAA support

Support (for JAA): I’m finding some new players are having trouble with devoting enough time to data collection. Unfortunately data collection takes time. The pre-sales website explains the amount of spins you need to collect data for so there shouldn’t be surprises. There are still lots of shortcuts you can take to reduce the time spent getting data but don’t take shortcuts if you are a new player. For instance while you collect data for scatter, collect it also for JAA. If scatter is bad then you might not use the data for JAA.
Also if a wheel does not seem to have good scatter, you might not have assessed scatter properly. See;area=article;cont=56
There is a lot of important information in the knowledgebase that all JAA players need to read. Also the checklist. See and,6831.0.html
A lot of the questions are already answered in either the video, the checklist or the knowledgebase. Please review them closely.

Hybrid server sessions

I’ve been checking the data transfer logs, and the vast majority of data transfers are from when users are logged on to the visual terminal. Remember not to remain logged on unless you are using it, and ensure the settings are for lowest data transfer. For the viewer, the settings should be 256 colors, and custom compression level set to “fast”.

Hybrid updates complete

The hybrid updates are complete and installed. So whenever you request the server to be online, it will be available for you. But you will need the updated phone app too. Contact me to request it.
There are now just minor software tweaks to be done, like reducing a slight audio latency issue. If users have any issues, or think anything can be made easier, let me know full details. If you think something needs adjustment, it could be that you haven’t understood the features so please fully read the instructions first. As far as I’m concerned, it’s pretty close to perfect. But I’ll try and break it next week by putting it through more tests to find possible areas for improvement. I’ll then be contacting waiting partners.

Hybrid updates

The Hybrid server software has been updated, but there will be another update before I install it. This update improves the consistency of frame rates for smoother video (always at 30 frames per second). To use it, you’ll need an updated phone app which I’ll send users soon.
The update before I install it deals with an issue where the Hybrid tracking doesn’t start reliably when there is a bad internet connection. Once it’s done, I’ll send users the updated Android app and confirm the server is online.

Clearer support tickets

From Support: My recent post about asking players to ask clearer questions seems to have been mostly ignored. It makes answering support tickets much more difficult than I expected. Two poorly worded ticket gives me heart palpitations. A dozen of them gives me chest pain. Pretty please, if you are writing a support ticket, read back through your ticket as if you were reading it for the first time and see if it makes sense. Some of them really don’t even seem like English and I can only piece together the questions with key words. I recognize that many players don’t speak English well, and if this is your case, you need to use simple language and choose your words carefully.

Wording of support tickets

This is Steve’s partner again. The wording of some of the support tickets is very poor, and it makes responding difficult. A lot of players are writing long sentences without any punctuation, and the sentences could have many different meanings so I can only guess what the player is trying to ask. There are even whole paragraphs that go with multiple and this and that and buts and ifs and this then that and and and it’s very difficult to decipher.
I know Steve has mentioned this before. The questions that are worded clearly take very little time to respond to. But poorly worded questions leave me wondering what players are trying to ask. So please take the time to ask clear questions.