Support structure changes

To ensure I have more time to manage Hybrid teams, the sales part of my company is either being leased or sold to another individual who I know well. No this doesn’t mean I’m retiring from roulette. Leasing it means I still have ownership and control, but the operator will run sales and support and take majority of sales revenue. There are a lot of details that need to be worked out.
What it means to players is the primary contact for the majority of issues wont be me. It will be either my associate or his partner. When there are questions they don’t know the answer to, I’ll address them personally. They can escalate issues to me via the help desk when everything is set up. Blog updates will be done by both of us, whenever required.
The details are still being worked out, but essentially nothing significant will change for players. Some of the important aspects being worked out include what can be sold, volumes, pricing, limitations etc. Especially the computers aren’t just ordinary products and we don’t want them to become too common. The interests of all players, including the partnership teams, are an important consideration. The main exclusion from the arrangement is the Hybrid, which he has nothing to do with.
Some of the loose ends include the JAA system phone. The programmer was on vacation for 2 weeks and only just returned, and is resuming work (expects to be finished shortly). Before any transition is done, these parts will be finalized. There is still also further development needed on how JAA cross references data. I’ll still be doing this development.
This may cause some players to be alarmed, but the way everything will be done, in most cases players won’t notice any difference. They will still be operating as the same company name, which means I’d still be legally responsible for whatever issues. I wouldn’t do this if I wasn’t confident everything will run smoothly. Rest assured that proper support is a very high priority, and if any player feels they are not getting proper support, you’ll still be able to contact me directly.
As far as a timeline for all this is concerned, everything should be finalized before the end of the financial year. At least this is our goal to make it simpler.

General update

I was unavailable for most of today, then took some calls but didnt have time for many emails, and I missed some calls. So I’ll take more calls tomorrow up until midday, and I expect to be up to date on emails & help desk tickets by early afternoon.

Server Interruption and lost data

I had to restore an older database, which means any data entered in the software, or posts to the forum, in the past 24hrs were deleted. Data before this is unaffected. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. This is why I say you should have backups of your spin data.

Android roulette computer & JAA system phone

JAA system phone: The system phone developer has lagged behind in development because of a server communication obstacle he encountered. It is easily overcome but needs slight changes in the JAA source code. Today I’ve contacted the JAA programmer about this.
Android Roulette Computer: As explained in previous emails, this version is not such a priority now. Besides the Hybrid, the Uber computer will still be the most accurate version. But the same programmer doing the system phone is doing the Android roulette computer. Before he proceeds with the Android roulette computer, he needs to finish the system phone. I prefer not to switch between projects with the same programmer or it all becomes very difficult to manage, especially between several others.

JAA Results, Support & Success Rates

If you haven’t profited yet from JAA: See the checklist at,6831.0.html and carefully review each part to see what you are missing. If you are a player who hasn’t profited yet, you’ll probably say you’ve read it before. But when a player isn’t profiting, the answer is almost always in the checklist. If you are sure you are doing everything right and still not profiting, then it’s time to get support from me directly.
I see the same patterns with players who don’t profit. They are at first adamant that they are doing everything according to the instructions. Then when I carefully check what they’ve been doing, there are big problems with the system’s application.
Some of what will raise red flags, and my response to these are below for me are below:
1. The player has collected many (sometimes several thousands of spins) and can’t find a good wheel, but they’ve either never, or almost never contacted me for help.
My response: The system doesn’t need that many spins. If you’re doing it right, you will have found a suitable wheel before collecting much data, then full data collection may take only 150 or so spins per direction. Usually the most you will ever need is about 300 spins per direction. It does no good to keep collecting and collecting data and getting nowhere. Get help from me and I can tell you what you are doing wrong. But first carefully review the training video, the checklist, and the full knowledgebase. That’s just three areas and in total it will take perhaps a couple of hours to slowly read and digest everything. I take great care in wording everything to be clear and specific, so pay close attention. If something is not clear, ask.
2. The player has spent lots of time trying to understand the ins and outs of the system, and is confused
My response: I say this often. If you are a new player, don’t get confused with all the variations from other players via the player forum. Keep it very simple. Stick to the training video, the checklist, and the full knowledgebase. At first block everything else out. If you try to learn everything, you will be overwhelmed and confused. You don’t need to know why things are done a certain way. You don’t need to know how it all works. You only need to follow the instructions. Understand from my view, while I could teach you lots about the physics behind it, it will waste my time and yours. It is not necessary for you to profit. Of course if you’re just curious you can try to figure it all out, but realistically don’t expect to properly understand it for at least a few years. This is not an exaggeration. I’ve been doing this around 20 years and am still learning. And even very experienced players, who earn a very good income, still don’t clearly understand where the edge is coming from. It’s simpler with roulette computers, but JAA is very complicated. Again this knowledge is not needed. I’ve worked hard to create the simplest formula that is a “best fit” for most wheels and casino conditions. You may sometimes need some slight tweaks to suit your wheels, and if this is the case, then you need only get support from me.
If you are an inexperienced player who follows all the rules correctly, you can start profiting very quickly. There is really not that much to learn if you are considering just what you need to know for MOST wheels. But if you want to deviate from the working formula, and try to add bits or change things, you will likely not understand what you are doing and make mistakes. Understand a lot of players are highly intelligent. And they will understand many of the working principles quite well, but even with high intelligence, you are unlikely to have a deeper understanding for at least a few years and that’s if you spend a lot of time on it. It is a mistake to think you understand it, because then you’ll think there is nothing left to learn. And unfortunately I find almost every player does this. Try to keep in mind you will never understand everything about anything.
While I encourage deeper understanding, you didn’t become a player to learn physics. You just wanted to profit. And with this being your goal, KEEP IT SIMPLE. I have made this simple for you. Just follow the rules for system application, do proper testing without real money to ensure you’re doing everything right. Don’t deviate from the proven procedures I’ve outlined for you, for your benefit.

General update

For the past few days I’ve been busier than usual, so am behind on emails but will be up to date by around tomorrow midday. Please don’t re-send emails.