Urgency of help desk tickets

Recently a lot of players are again marking helpdesk tickets as very high, severe or critical. The majority of these are for software access codes. Sometimes players may forget to check when an access code is due to expire, and the software may lock in the middle of play. But it seems to be happening an inordinate number of times, or at least I’m assuming why access code requests are marked with such high priority. This should never happen if you check when access is going to expire. Players must be responsible for monitoring win codes will expire. The purpose of using the urgency ratings is so I know when I must respond as soon as possible, and when things can wait until Monday (after weekends).
Basically I’m asking players to take responsibility for monitoring their codes and when they are set to expire, and do not abuse the urgency rating system. If individual players appear to be repeatedly abusing this feature, naturally when their issues really are critical, I will assume that things haven’t changed.