Update on partners and support

The partners who have taken over most of the sales and support will be renewing their contract early next year. From feedback I’ve received from players, their support has been prompt and efficient. Nevertheless, I do receive copies of all the correspondence via the help desk, but only randomly check a few responses for accuracy. So it appears to have been a positive experience for everyone. The contract with them will be expanding so they’ll have more control over sales. Mostly it means they’ll have more contact with individuals wanting to become players. To players, it means emailing me directly must be done via a different email address, which will be released later as required.

As with the last contract, the upcoming contract doesn’t really affect existing players, with the exception is responses to support tickets are generally faster. And that’s a good thing. Still any tickets that require my response are forwarded to me. If anyone is unhappy with responses from support, please let me know. But please be very specific about what the problem is.