Update hybrid Instructions, and booking sessions



All players should download the updated instructions. The download location is the same as before. You should be able to open the document without needing to unlock again.


The updated chapter (21) explains how to use the "connection mod", It also explains the additional hardware you need, which is easily sourced.





Contact me via encrypted email for the download link of the two new apps.


Once you have installed the "connection mod", contact me when you have everything ready between 9am – 4pm my local time (Melbourne Australia). Then I will contact you as soon as I receive your message and confirm whether I can log onto the server and test with you immediately, OR we’ll test another time. It is more efficient to do it this way (instead of makling schedules) because my schedule is a bit unpredictable in the lead up towards Christmas.


I will especially make myself available on Monday and Tuesday for this kind of spontaneous testing. If you’ve set everything up right, then testing will take 5 minutes or so.


Remember to use different sim cards that use different mobile networks, or there’s no point to the mod. Remember that different phone companies often use the same cellular networks.





If you haven’t played for a week or so, it is probably because your internet connection was at times unreliable. Once your connection mod is working as per above, we’ll book another session immediately.





In the first week or so of 2017, we’ll start assembling more of the international/travelling teams. Nobody should expect to be busy through the Christmas and new years holidays. If you are a prospective player and haven’t been contacted yet, you will soon. But may be in some time in early January.





I haven’t responded to all individual emails, but will Monday. This notice explains to everyone what to do anyway. Please for now simply download and install what you need. But you need to contact me via encrypted email for the download link of the two new apps.