Upcoming For Hybrid

1. I’ll be creating a tutorial video to cover the 3d charts soon. But what you need to do to use them can be summed up in a paragraph.


2. Im simplifying material for players, to make clear why no equipment is needed for players in the qualification phase. This also saves operators potentially hours of time for each session. It is already explained in existing support material, but I’ll make it simpler so especially new players better understand getting started is easier than they think.


3. I’ve identified a rare case where even nearly perfect monitoring of raw predictions wont fully maintain accuracy. The case is very rare, but is worth addressing. There are various solutions, but I’m developing an algorithm to make it as hands-free as possible.


I have some additional responsibilities over the next week or so. My schedule is unpredictable. There are some pending demonstrations but I don’t know if or when I’ll have time for them. If you are waiting to know, please be patient as I don’t know my schedule yet. I am mindful of your situation, but matters are not in my control.