Uber and Hybrid Session Recordings

Every Remote Uber and Hybrid session is recorded, so I can replay and inspect everything that happened on the server. This is for a few reasons:


1. Security: to ensure players aren’t doing something forbidden.


2. Support: so if a player gets stuck or something goes wrong, I can easily replay the recordings and see for myself.


By default the recordings are at a lower resolution and frame rate, but still clear enough to see everything.


This is not a security risk to anyone because:


* Only I access the recordings

* Any activity uses end-to-end encryption

* Recordings are deleted after review

* Any saved recordings (even temporarily) are stored on a 256 bit encrypted drive

* Fragmented encrypted files are impossible to recover

* Logs aren’t saved. I can only view them in real-time. And my memory is terrible (where am I?)

* You arent or shouldn’t be breaking laws anyway (do your research)


In the worst case scenario, a team may knowingly break the law, and my computers are raided. That would be a breach of contract. And it may interrupt my morning coffee. So please don’t do it. I’m not speaking in code – please don’t break laws.


But players frequently ask, what if a team doesn’t pay an operator a fair amount?


Firstly, you should have very clear agreements in place. You can make whatever you want. Typically the operator gets about 30% AFTER expenses. So if the players win $10,000 but had a $500 hotel expense, the operator’s take would be 30% of $9,500 which is $2,850.


Operators may own the computer. But remember the players are the ones in the casino, betting with their money.


Your agreements should be very clear about the player’s expenses, including what they are for. You shouldn’t need to cover unnecessary luxuries.


What happens if there’s a dispute? Firstly, I must be neutral. I will impartially share whatever information I have, which can be obtained from recordings – which is useful if you plan to sleep while others play (not recommended). Most of the time anyone watching the server can see actual bets, winnings and losses.


Disputes are rare, but not rare enough. If you short-change a team member and it’s clear, expect that other operators will learn about it, and nobody will want to work with you.


Luckily in most cases, everyone is fair and honest. The most important thing is having clear agreements.


Generally with my own teams, I don’t even bother asking about their profits until they’ve been successful for some time. I have various agreements, but mostly it is all based on trust. Everything doesn’t need to be rounded off to the nearest number. If you develop good relationships with the right players, trust and mutual understand is worth more than a contract. You don’t need legally binding contracts that everyone signs. You just need text that you both have, which outlines the agreement.