Remote Uber

Remote Uber


Progress with various work has been vert good, so I decided to proceed with one of the mods that reduces the amount of equipment players need at the table. Originally I expected it to be done early January, but now it will probably be sooner. I’m waiting to hear when the programmer expects to finish them.


Nevertheless, the Remote Uber can still be used anytime now. To proceed, you’ll just need the openvpn accounts, and the updated apps. If you don’t have these yet, let me know.


Then you just need a server booking to ensure it’s online when you want to use it.


If you want to get started with the current version (before the mods mentioned above that reduce required hardware), let me know. The only issue though is some of the procedures will change (they’ll become simpler).


But if you prefer to wait perhaps another week, then hopefully the mod will be done, which will make it even easier for you. I’m waiting for the programmer’s time estimate.


Overall the best option may be just wait for the last mod to be done. We’re about to go through the holiday period, which you’ll probably spend with family anyway.



Remote Hybrid


Besides me creating a tutorial video covering everything new, everything is ready to go. I’ll also create written instructions to explain the changes, but a video is better to learn from. I ran out of time this week so will do it early next week.