Remote Uber & Hybrid Updates

I’ve applied updated software to all Remote Uber & Hybrid servers. It includes:


– Minor bug fixes

– "Auto update 2" algorithm (in the ball sample area)


For now, just use "Auto update" and not "Auto update 2", until I can update instructions to explain everything. Basically "auto update 2" is slightly easier, but not quite as accurate except in some conditions where it’s the better option.


I’ve also created two new training videos:


– Fast-play method: this enables operators to spend far less time in front of a screen. It can be the difference between an operator spending 2 hours, or 30 mins at the screen.


– How to get rotor timings in smaller arcs for earlier predictions.


To get the video download links, send me an encrypted email asking for them.


I’ll also need to update some of the written instructions, but I probably wont have time to do this until next week. But the videos explain all the main parts anyway.