Phone system

I’ve managed to complete the new specifications document for the completion of the phone system. The document has been sent to the programmer who will give a cost and time estimate. I expect it will take him around a week to get back to me.


We cant use any of the existing source code because it would take longer for him to understand the previous programmer’s work, than to start from scratch.


The main benefits of the phone system are:


·         You can collect data and get predictions right at the table, without pen and paper (so it’s more covert)


·         The software is more foolproof as the processes better ensure you are doing everything right.


·         It integrates with a server that fully utilizes cross referencing analysis. Among other advantages, you get a more accurate analysis in fewer spins.


·         The data saved could also be used for advanced bias analysis, if you wanted. It can uncover bias that casino software doesn’t detect. But it’s primary functions have nothing to do with bias analysis.


The only downsides are you need an Android phone, and the use of electronic devices are illegal in around half of casinos. I advise not to use it illegally though.


I can explain more about the equipment in the player forum, but basically it will work off even a cheap $50 Android phone, without any modifications.