JAA phone system subscriptions

Although I changed the subscription page with the billing cycle to be $12/year instead of $12/month, some players have a cached copy of the old page in their browsers. So when they visited the page again to re-subscribe, their browser still gave them Paypal form for the monthly subscription. This hasn’t happened with every player – just players with the old page still in their browser’s cache.


Sorry for this mess, but again I’ve cancelled any monthly billing subscriptions, and refunded payments.


Check your paypal account to ensure you are billed $12 per YEAR, not month. To do this, log into Paypal and go to "Profile" > "My Money" > "Pre-approved payments". If you have a monthly billing cycle with me, cancel it. If it is annual, then you can leave it. If you need to re-subscribe, then clear your browser’s cache and go back to http://www.roulettephysics.com/subscription/ and order again. But make sure the billing is per YEAR before subscribing, otherwise the same problem will repeat.