This applies to operators (purchasers or operators): If you are in the middle of a REAL CASINO SESSION ONLY and cannot access the server:


First, very carefully check all settings to see if you’re missing something.


If you tried everything and still have problems, message me on Surespot (any time of day or night). Then I’ll log on the server and fix any problems. If I’m sleeping, your message will wake me. If you don’t get a response within a minute later, resend messages. Chances are I’ll hear the first one anyway. Do not expect any detailed conversation. The worst that can happen is a full server reboot is needed, which takes 1 minute.


If you have server access issues but it is NOT in a real casino session, then just contact me via regular email then I’ll respond when possible. Please NEVER use Surespot for normal support issues. It is ONLY for live sessions in real casinos.


I no longer use my mobile phone (calls) for urgent issues because there were still players calling at 3am for trivial issues. Now I’ll only use Surespot, but only Hybrid players are added to the contact list.