Hybrid Updates This Week

The Hybrid update for easier camera aiming are already available. They are already being used flawlessly. Soon the following Hybrid updates will also be available:


Camera stabilization: If the camera is body-worn, zooming long distances inevitably causes video shaking. So video stabilization is being implemented. It is almost done and should be ready in a day or so.


Quicker learning of ball deceleration rates, easier monitoring of deceleration rate changes, and easier monitoring of accuracy: This mod is already coded in a test program, and is being moved to the main Hybrid software today. In addition to higher accuracy, the mod allows players to better know if the ball is rolling too chaotically for early predictions. Specifically you will better know how early is too early. It’s especially useful for automated wheels where the ball deceleration is sometimes deliberately manipulated with magnets and air compressors.


These and recent mods means new camera users and teams can get started with very little training and practise. Again they’ll be ready for use in a day or so, but before official release I’ll need to update the instructions.


When it’s all ready, I’ll make another announcement.