Hybrid Roulette Computer Service Program

I’ve started reshuffling and organizing the teams for Hybrid Roulette computer use. One issue is there are literally hundreds of lone players without a team, and a well-organized team will do much better than a lone player.

What the Hybrid Service Program Is

Basically it’s for players who use the Hybrid roulette computer without paying me anything up-front. Details are at www.roulettephysics.com/computer-service/

If you haven’t already been accepted, you could apply still, but basically we already have more players than we can handle. And generally you’d only be accepted as a new player if you’re a high-stakes player, and already in a well-organized team.

Currently there are lots of lone players who need to find a team. But I don’t have time to introduce players to each other. So if you are part of the program and have been accepted already, please go to www.gamblersforum.com/index.php?forums/meeting-other-players-and-forming-teams.61/ to discuss options with other players. You need to join the forum to post.


Use the board to find other professional players. Do NOT post with a username you’ve used anywhere else, and do NOT post with your real name. Do NOT reveal any information that can reveal your identity. Do NOT reveal any contact details like phone numbers.

Start by explaining what you are looking for, and broadly explain the region you want to play in, but do NOT reveal exact countries or casinos. NEVER reveal your real name or any personally identifying information, including in private chats.

Once you find a potential partner, start a PRIVATE conversation that only you and the other person can read (not on the public forum). I suggest do this off forums completely and with encrypted emails (like tutanota.com) or chat (like Wikr.com), and with usernames/emails that you use only for this purpose.

EXPECT that some people may not be who they claim to be.

When you think you’ve found someone you want to work with, tell me who they are on the forum, and I’ll contact them via private message to discuss with them directly.

If you are interested in this program but haven’t yet applied or been accepted, FIRST please have your team fully ready and willing. You need reliable team members you can trust. You could use gamblersforum.com to find potential matches if you like. But there’s no point in submitting the application form if you’re only a lone player without a team (we already have far too many lone players).