Hybrid Operators and Sessions

One of the additional operators is at a level now where he can do live sessions without my assistance. I’ll still try to monitor when he is playing to provide assistance, but at least my attendance isn’t required. Another operator is close to being ready. Both operators are better able to work outside my normal hours than myself. So now you can book at any time of the day you want (with a higher approval rate).


IMPORTANT: Our time is short already. If you are especially a new team and not 100% competent with the camera, and familiar with all equipment, don’t book a casino session until you are fully ready. Otherwise we waste a lot of time, that is better spent with more prepared teams.


To proceed, make bookings using the form. If I can do the session I will. Otherwise I will ask another operator if they can do the session before accepting/rejecting the session.


Also if you are a hybrid purchaser, the operators may be able to do initial sessions for you. You can discuss compensation with them directly. Even in cases where they don’t expect compensation, they still benefit from the experience.


And remember if you opted to be only a bettor and haven’t been called yet, try being a camera user instead. Then you are far more likely to be called.