Hybrid mod update

Target/dynamic is fully complete, tested and working perfectly. The accuracy improvements are even better than expected. The mod specifically for players aiming the camera at monitors/screens is tested and also working perfectly.
But before I provide the next release, I want two small mods to be done (otherwise I’d just be issuing another release right after):
1. Especially for slower hardware, the recorded video runs at a slightly slower speed than real-time, so setting up will not be as accurate is it should be. The difference that would otherwise cause inaccuracy is automatically tuned out during actual play, but it takes a few more spins than it should.
2. Minor interface changes so it is cleaner and simpler to understand.
All the major development is done, so now we’re mostly cleaning up. Still though there are parts to add later but nothing is overly important. It’s more about making winning as foolproof as possible. The whole idea of the hybrid from the start was not just best possible accuracy, but also for anyone to be capable of winning with barely any instruction. The target/dynamic mod was a big part of this, because now you don’t need to worry about peaks being ok, or if rotor speeds are ok. The software will just announce “risk” if the ball isn’t likely to bounce in the most predictable way and with a clear edge (based on rotor speed and where the ball is likely to fall from the ball track).
I’ll never say there can’t be any further improvement and will always look for ways to make it better. Although clearly with current modern wheels and conditions, it doesn’t need to be any better considering you need to deliberately win less to avoid detection.