Hybrid mod schedule

The mod for connection bonding is expected to be available this week (as per programmer’s notification, and he’s usually reliable). If you are a player, it is important to understand the relevance of this mod.


It is rarely required BUT before international travel, players are strongly advised to have this mod. That’s because if you travel to specific location you’ve never visited before and find the mod is needed, you will have wasted your time. So I do not advise the planning of travel until I confirm the mod is working perfectly. The exception is if you already know the connection is acceptable.


After the connection mod, we will work on a solution for dimly lit wheels. The modification specifications are already written, and it will not be difficult to program – mostly it’s just a few lines of code. But we are limited by the programmer’s available time so it may take him a week to complete.


A reasonable estimate to have both the connection and lighting mod complete is roughly two weeks.