Hybrid developments

Most of my time recently has been spent testing the Hybrid. A recent rare but significant issue is now fixed with the 1-3 second predictions. I also tested an algorithm enhancement that would dramatically reduce the amount of time in the casino with the computer. This has been even more successful than expected. The mod is relatively minor and now being implemented. Literally the time at the table with the computer can now be just however long it takes to do a few spins. There are of course a few exceptions. But for the average wheel, to the casino surveillance staff, the application of the roulette computer will look like a random player staying for a few “lucky” bets, then leaving. Combined with the secure wireless video where the hybrid doesn’t even need to be near the table, and predictions only 1-3 seconds after ball release, this is as good as it gets. It will be about 1-2 weeks of finishing touches and additional testing, then some additional security features will be added.