Hybrid Camera Users Needed

The following applies to hybrid service players only:


Considering all team of hybrid service players, we need more camera users. We have plenty of bettors, but not enough experienced camera users. Most players have specified they only want to be a bettor. After all it is an easier role.


So if you want to get involved sooner, then start training as a camera user. You have all the instructions you need for training. Make sure you download the latest instructions and they were updated recently with tips to help camera user training.


It is very common for camera users and teams to assure me they have fully practised and are ready. But the first session is a disaster with problems like aiming at the floor or roof, lens completely covered and all kinds of other problems that are so easily fixed if you prepare properly. The instructions are very detailed and clear. None of it is complicated or difficult.


If you think you are ready to work as a camera user, and have all the equipment, please contact me to discuss. If you have the intention of being a camera user instead, then get started. If you are simply a bettor waiting to be called, it may be some time because of the imbalance of bettors and camera users.