How To Get The Quickest Support Possible

If you send me a confusing email or support ticket, with poorly worded sentences and disorganized information, I will often put aside your support ticket until later. Then I will answer the clearer and better organized tickets first. This is because it allows me to help the most people in the time I have. So if you don’t want a delayed response, put some effort and thought into making your questions simple and clear. With many emails, unclear questions waste a lot of my time because it’s not immediately obvious what you are talking about – then I need to review our past conversations in detail to understand the context of your questions. Instead, explain the context clearly and concisely in every message you send. Don’t assume I perfectly recall our conversation, because it’s impossible for me to remember everything from every past email. I sincerely want to give the best support possible. Please help me give quality support to everyone by taking a little extra time to make your questions clear, well-worded and specific. 

If you send vague and poorly worded questions, don’t expect me to give you a range of answers to cover all the possibilities of what you wanted to know. That takes far too much time. Instead, I will respond simply asking you to be clearer and more specific. I hate to appear rude or abrupt about it, but being direct is required for efficiency.