Getting proper support

I’ve supported well over 1,000 players for around a decade, and the same mistakes are often made by new players. Please save us both time and effort by carefully reading below:

·         DO Very carefully read all of the instructions and everything I send you. I know you’re eager to get started, but be patient and read carefully or you’ll get confused and overlook key points. I’ve taken a lot of time to explain every detail, and you probably won’t need any support if you SLOW DOWN AND READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. Every player says they’ll do this but most don’t.

·         DO trust that I know best what you need and how to help you. Often players insist on taking shortcuts or doing things differently. For example, they may insist they only need clarification on one point, but other things they’ve said show they don’t really understand things. So I will ask them to very carefully re-read the instructions, and they will claim they have. Although they very clearly haven’t understood key points. And it can go in circles until they finally listen to me, then later understand what I was going on about. PLEASE, save us both the time and very carefully read everything, slowly. The instructions aren’t at all complicated. But most people tend to rush through them.

·         DO follow my instruction. If you are losing and don’t know why, I will ask you to send me all data, from start to finish. I will need to know EVERYTHING you have done, including how you assessed the wheel, why you chose a wheel, any assessment data – I need all of it. Then I will carefully check and it will be much easier for me to identify mistakes you have made.

·         DO NOT bet for real until you are first winning consistently in practice sessions. So many players jump in and start betting without a thought, and many succeed this way. But most players will need proper practice over a week or so at least. And winning "consistently" means over thousands of spins. The more spins you test, the more assured your profits.

·         Do NOT insist we need to speak in a voice chat when it isn’t essential. Voice chats take much more time than they should, and it means I have less time for other players. Also I personally am much better explaining things with written text. Clear and specific written questions will give you clear and specific answers, and you can refer to them later. In cases where voice chats are necessary, contact me to arrange a suitable time. But use it as a last resort. When we do speak, please understand I’m not meaning to be abrupt but I need to answer your questions ASAP, then continue helping others.

·         Do NOT contact me via email for support. Your first option for support is the help desk where experienced support staff can answer your questions sooner than I can. If there is a question they can’t answer, they’ll forward your support ticket to me.

·         Do NOT send me offline Skype messages. Skype is for live chat. I log on usually once a week and usually get many offline messages that are very easily missed.

·         Do NOT contact me with a Yahoo email address. They have very bad spam filters and often block my emails because of gambling keywords. Some email service providers are the same. The only guaranteed way to contact support staff or myself is with a support ticket.

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