Android roulette computer

The development of the Android roulette computer will continue once the “system phone” is complete (the phone that applies the JAA system without needing pencil and paper). With the designed algorithms, the accuracy of the Android and Uber versions will be virtually identical. Originally I wanted to use the Hybrid’s algorithms but it may not be feasible.
In any event, the Uber 2-player version is capable of getting earlier accurate predictions than the Android. This is because the Uber 2-player phones use a unique approach to enable 2 players to clock the same wheel at the same time. There will be virtually no difference in accuracy between the 1-player Android and Uber versions.
So what is the point of the Android?
1. It is designed more for profit split partners, where data is monitored and stored on my server.
2. It is designed to be more user-friendly for new players. For example, the Uber may take 1 week to fully learn, and the Android may only take 3 days to fully learn. But once a version is learned, there is no significant difference.
3. The Android will be more affordable (lower start up costs, but higher long term costs)
So there are positives and negatives to both versions. If you are considering these versions, with price not being an issue, the benefit of getting earlier accurate predictions makes the Uber the better option.