Hybrid mod schedule

The mod for connection bonding is expected to be available this week (as per programmer’s notification, and he’s usually reliable). If you are a player, it is important to understand the relevance of this mod.


It is rarely required BUT before international travel, players are strongly advised to have this mod. That’s because if you travel to specific location you’ve never visited before and find the mod is needed, you will have wasted your time. So I do not advise the planning of travel until I confirm the mod is working perfectly. The exception is if you already know the connection is acceptable.


After the connection mod, we will work on a solution for dimly lit wheels. The modification specifications are already written, and it will not be difficult to program – mostly it’s just a few lines of code. But we are limited by the programmer’s available time so it may take him a week to complete.


A reasonable estimate to have both the connection and lighting mod complete is roughly two weeks.

Hybrid equipment

This is just a reminder in response to a question I was asked: bettors for the Hybrid can also use the same equipment as camera wearers. In fact any player can have two different cameras on them (although usually only 1 is used), and the operator can switch between players and cameras anytime. Either way you will be told the best way to overcome any issues you may face. On that note, for players that have issues with lighting, the specifications for a solution are complete. Now the programmer just needs to work on it. This will done after the connection bonding mod.

Organizing Hybrid teams

I’m in the process of updating how teams are organized. The updates will make it easier to match players to form teams, and determine who plays in which casino. Only I’ll have access to the database. When I’m complete, players may receive an email asking for further information about their position.

Updated Hybrid instructions

Updated hybrid instructions are available from the same location. It is the version for players & bettors, NOT operators. Although operators should still download and see the addditions. The addition is chapter 20 which summarizes the most important points and common mistakes.

Booking Hybrid sessions

All hybrid players: I havent had time to email everyone independently today to organize sessions, but email me directly to organize a time this week. Specify a few different times that suit you, and specify the time in Melbourne Australia time ( use http://www.mymeetingtime.com/ )


A lot of players have been scheduling times when the table is too busy, and it much more time consuming to play at this time. The times should be scheduled so you begin ABOUT 3 HOURS BEFORE THE WHEEL STARTS TO GET BUSY. It is ok and best if you are the only person at the table at this time anyway.


If you are still a new player, the timing is not so important because the first session or so is mostly getting used to the equipment.

Hybrid connection enhancements

The programmer started work on the internet connection enhancements. Basically it uses connection bonding, where multiple phones and sim cards transmit the video to the Hybrid server. This isnt normally needed. But in some cases, the cell phone towers may have great reception, but are flooded with users. This makes the data flow unstable. When this mod is complete, it should ensure near perfect video transmission in almost every casino. The mod isn’t too complicated so shouldn’t take much more than a week, although I don’t yet have a time estimate from the programmer.

Hybrid schedule

I wasn’t working yesterday due to a public holiday, and have a lot of other work to do so haven’t scheduled further Hybrid sessions for now. I’ll start organizing further schedules tomorrow. I’m also aware of the hybrid-related emails and will respond soon.