Hybrid charging hub

Just a quick note if your charging hub isn’t charging the phone with everything connected, just reboot the phone with everything still connected then it should be fine. Sometimes it will show the charging indicator but not be charging. You will know it works when the battery percentage increases about 1% every 2 minutes.

Wednesday calls & support

I’m no longer taking calls on Wednesdays as a regular time. Previously I took calls from anyone during Wednesdays. This was more so potential new players could speak to me and see I’m a real person, although many players still called for support. Now call times need to be specifically scheduled. I just haven’t yet updated the websites yet to explain this.


But generally the best way to get support is to start a support ticket via the help desk. Anything that requires my attention is forwarded to me. As it is now, my partners will not address support tickets as often. And eventually not at all, which will leave just me to answer tickets. To get proper support, it will be more important for players to carefully read the instructions and knowledgebase. This doesn’t mean players wont get proper support. I will still ensure everyone gets all the help they need.

Hybrid bettor app download

Just a reminded that the "bettor" app needs to be compatible with the Hybrid server version. I’ve just updated the servers so they run the updated software. So now the bettor app you use MUST be the latest version. To make sure evereyone has the latest version, I re-uploaded it today to the usual location. So all players (bettors), please download and install the latest bettor app.

Hybrid app update: camera zoom & aiming

An updated camera app is available (from the same download location). This update can zoom with almost any external camera. Also when the camera is zoomed, the operator can pan around as if they were aiming the camera. The player doesn’t need to do anything to achieve this. This is especially useful if you stand far away from the wheel.


Before updating, fully uninstall the current app AND delete the original apk file (so you don’t accidentally reinstall the old app). Then download and install the new apk file.

Hybrid instructions updated (operators and players)

I’ve uploaded updated instructions for both Hybrid players and operators. Download from the same location as you have previously. The addition is the "tips" chapter which explains all the common issues teams face, and how to deal with common issues. Basically it’s additional important advice especially useful for new players.

Changes and roulette computer teams

Im expanding my roulette computer teams, so I’ll have less time for other things. Also for the same reasons, the partners who have been assisting with player support wont be able to continue much longer. It is regrettable but I won’t have time to take new players, at least until I can make arrangments to make it more feasible. I am committed to providing existing players with continued support. But there will be a greater emphasis for players to properly read the instructions because they explain everything.


I will also be unable to offer phone support, although this change has not been reflected on my sites yet. This is because previously I used phone and skype calls more so anyone could speak to me and see I’m a real person. And players were able to call me too for support. But the most efficient support is given via the help desk. Issues that can be resolved in seconds via the help desk often take far longer via phone. I will still be available to players by phone, but only if scheduled and necesarry for more complicated issues.


I’m also looking for more players for the roulette computer teams. Basically you can use the Hybrid roulette computer for $0.00 up front, besides equipment costs (besides a cable, you purchase from other suppliers, not me). Then you pay a fee only if the wheel is beaten. Details are at www.roulettephysics.com/computer-service/

Jaa phone system on Android emulator

Today I tested the Droid4x emulator with the JAA phone software. I found no issues with OpenVPN or the JAA software. I could connect to the VPN and perform all functions without a problem.


I suspect some players can’t use functions like "new session" because they are not holding the button down long enough, as explained in instructions.


As for OpenVPN, if you cant use it, this would be a firewall issue. Check your firewall software to allow the emulator to access the internet and use the required port.

Updated remote Hybrid instructions (for players)

Updated version of hybrid instructions available for players. Download latest version from same location as previously. The addition is the new chapter at the end which explains some important security procedures for your benefit. Please learn them well and don’t take shortcuts.