Holiday schedule

I’ll be away from today (24th Dec) to about 3rd Jan. I may do some pending emails if I have time, but please don’t expect a response until about 3rd Jan (except with matters that can’t wait). Support staff will still respond to tickets, although not specifically on Christmas day, any weekends or NYE or new years day. Finally I wish everyone a merry Christmas and happy new year. I hope everyone has a good rest and quality time with family during this period.

If your wheel has bad scatter…

If you are assessing the scatter of wheels, and can’t seem to find one with above a 70% rating, see the updated information at;area=article;cont=56 (you need to be logged into the forum).


In some cases, you may be getting a rating worse than it should be. The updated knowledgebase article explains alternate methods for scatter analysis. They are slightly more difficult, but give you a more realistic idea of how predictable the ball bounce really is.

Update on partners and support

The partners who have taken over most of the sales and support will be renewing their contract early next year. From feedback I’ve received from players, their support has been prompt and efficient. Nevertheless, I do receive copies of all the correspondence via the help desk, but only randomly check a few responses for accuracy. So it appears to have been a positive experience for everyone. The contract with them will be expanding so they’ll have more control over sales. Mostly it means they’ll have more contact with individuals wanting to become players. To players, it means emailing me directly must be done via a different email address, which will be released later as required.

As with the last contract, the upcoming contract doesn’t really affect existing players, with the exception is responses to support tickets are generally faster. And that’s a good thing. Still any tickets that require my response are forwarded to me. If anyone is unhappy with responses from support, please let me know. But please be very specific about what the problem is.

Calls today, 16th December

Unfortunately a few calls took a longer than expected and I ran out of time for other calls. So I’ll be taking more calls tomorrow (Thursday 17th December), but only between 9:30am – 12 midday. Otherwise you can email me any questions.

Hybrid updates for Slingshot wheels

I’ve finished most of the testing for the Slingshot wheel mod. The wheel’s scatter is rated 63%, and predictions are 20 seconds before the ball falls. Considering the minimum scatter is usually 70% and average conditions allow getting predictions 7 seconds before the ball falls, it’s a very difficult wheel to test on. This is not even with consideration to how the rotor changes speed after no more bets is called.

It appears an important requirement to beat this wheel is targeting specific ball fall areas. There’s about an 80% accuracy increase when targeting a particular ball drop area, but only when it falls at a specific speed. This is about 15% of spins. For this particular wheel, the data suggests it’s possible only on one direction.

I haven’t yet assessed what’s possible with later predictions, but there isn’t much point as no more bets on this particular wheel is called about 18 seconds before the ball falls.

My experience with slingshot wheels in generally is that some can be beaten, and some appear impossible to beat. It depends on the individual wheel’s settings and properties. No wheel may be impossible to beat, but usually you just move on to easier wheels if one is too difficult. This particular wheel is mostly  a personal challenge and opportunity to improve algorithms. Although on this note, if profiting is your sole goal, remember to forget the difficult wheels and just focus on easy wheels.

To this point, the test wheel does appear possible to beat but with a comparative struggle. To get a better idea, more research is needed when I have time (probably within a week). Next I need to better assess the variation of rotor speed after no more bets is called.

I have about 6 hours of recorded video to test with, which is perfect for development because in one direction, the wheel appears almost impossible to beat with predictions this early. And in the other direction, there’s a significant edge with ball fall area targeting. If the wheel was too easy to beat, there wouldn’t be much to learn.