Android roulette computer & system phone

The same programmer who is developing the JAA system phone is working on the Android computer. First he’ll complete the system phone then the roulette computer. He is working on an issue with server and phone interaction. It shouldn’t be much longer, then he can continue on the roulette computer which is about 80% complete.

Hybrid developments

Most of my time recently has been spent testing the Hybrid. A recent rare but significant issue is now fixed with the 1-3 second predictions. I also tested an algorithm enhancement that would dramatically reduce the amount of time in the casino with the computer. This has been even more successful than expected. The mod is relatively minor and now being implemented. Literally the time at the table with the computer can now be just however long it takes to do a few spins. There are of course a few exceptions. But for the average wheel, to the casino surveillance staff, the application of the roulette computer will look like a random player staying for a few “lucky” bets, then leaving. Combined with the secure wireless video where the hybrid doesn’t even need to be near the table, and predictions only 1-3 seconds after ball release, this is as good as it gets. It will be about 1-2 weeks of finishing touches and additional testing, then some additional security features will be added.

Hybrid 1-3 predictions

I’ve been testing more of this mod. It works very well but there is room for getting prediction even earlier. Currently we can get predictions 1-3 seconds after ball release. How early depends on a few variables of the spin. It may be 1,2 or 3 seconds. But there is a way to make it almost always 1.5 seconds or less on every spin. It isn’t needed, but a side benefit is accuracy will be improved. For now we are working on other mods though that are mostly to do with preventing the casino from doing anything with the equipment if players are ever caught. Although players are forbidden to play in jurisdictions where it is illegal, some players may ignore the conditions. And if it is used illegally, then casinos and police have the legal right to confiscate equipment. This is not the case where play is legal. As for the security mods, they are being worked on now but I can’t give time estimates for completion. After they are done, another release will be available for use.

Hybrid further work

The 1-3 second prediction was tested further, and I found no problems with it. We started work on additional security features that were to be done before the next software release, but there needs to be some improvement of the green/rotor detection in low light conditions, and when the wheel is significantly further from the camera. This is a higher priority so is being worked on now. The minor tweaks to improve green detection wont be difficult, but will make a big difference in some casino conditions. After this, the additional security parts will be implemented, then the updated version will be released. I don’t know when yet – just whenever the work is done.

JAA / system phone

I’ve received the latest build, and it is very close to completion. It will probably be available for actual use by the end of the week. Then more parts will be added to it later, which will make wheel assessment even easier (such as data collection for scatter).