General schedule

I wasn’t able to take many calls today, so will take some calls tomorrow. I’m also behind on some emails but will be up to date on everything by the end of tomorrow.

Hybrid 1-3 second – further testing

Another day spent testing, but everything so far is working perfectly. Accurate predictions are generated within 1-3 seconds after ball release. When I say accurate, I mean accurate as is physically possible. Factors that reduce accuracy are:
1. Ball track deformations (earlier predictions are less accurate)
2. Faster rotors
3. Smaller arc for tracking rotor (if we tracked only 10 degrees of motion, there would be a lot of errors in calculations than if we say tracked 360 degrees).
There is still more work to be done, but the rest comparatively easy.

Hybrid 1-3 second prediction mod

I received the latest version today. Almost everything works perfectly, but there is an elusive error in calculations somewhere. I’ve been testing all day to pinpoint the source, and likely will be testing all tomorrow too. It is likely just an error in an equation somewhere. Clearly the majority of coding is done for it (all the difficult parts), but I don’t know how long it will take to make it perfect. I can only guess within a week.
Afterwards, a part of it needs to be refined so it’s more foolproof. Because if you use it incorrectly, then you’ll reduce accuracy. This additional part is not essential, but I’d rather help avoid players from making mistakes.

Android roulette computer

The development of the Android roulette computer will continue once the “system phone” is complete (the phone that applies the JAA system without needing pencil and paper). With the designed algorithms, the accuracy of the Android and Uber versions will be virtually identical. Originally I wanted to use the Hybrid’s algorithms but it may not be feasible.
In any event, the Uber 2-player version is capable of getting earlier accurate predictions than the Android. This is because the Uber 2-player phones use a unique approach to enable 2 players to clock the same wheel at the same time. There will be virtually no difference in accuracy between the 1-player Android and Uber versions.
So what is the point of the Android?
1. It is designed more for profit split partners, where data is monitored and stored on my server.
2. It is designed to be more user-friendly for new players. For example, the Uber may take 1 week to fully learn, and the Android may only take 3 days to fully learn. But once a version is learned, there is no significant difference.
3. The Android will be more affordable (lower start up costs, but higher long term costs)
So there are positives and negatives to both versions. If you are considering these versions, with price not being an issue, the benefit of getting earlier accurate predictions makes the Uber the better option.

JAA linked to mobile phones

The “system phone” should be available for use in about 2-3 weeks from now. Development stopped for a while because I didn’t have time to test the developed software, but recently did and development is nearly complete.
The cost of the software $0 to existing players, but you will need a compatible Android phone with some modifications. I should be able to provide suitably modified Android phones for around US$1000 but if you have some electronics experience, you can do the mods yourself.
This is basically an Android phone app where the player can input the winning numbers and various data about the wheel, and the phone will automatically tell you where to bet. And if the wheel ratings aren’t good enough, it will tell you. You input the data using a hidden cable and wireless earpieces, so nothing is needed at the table, and nothing is visible to casino staff. You don’t need betting charts, pens or paper. But keep in mind the use of electronic devices in this way is still illegal in about half of the casinos, so check your local laws first.
Remember though, although it makes application of the system even easier, you must still properly evaluate your wheels. Remember to carefully read the checklist too.