Schedule update (back 4th January)

Just a reminder I wont be officially back to work until about 4th January. I did mention it earlier but am still getting emails with people wondering why I haven’t responded yet. I’m like most of the world – I take some time off around Christmas and new years.
I have still responded to a few emails, but there are support related emails that are not critical, and many emails with issues that would be resolved if the player properly read the instructions. For the various resources available to players, see

New Hybrid version & instructions available

New version and instructions are now available. Download the updated instructions from the same location. You don’t need to change anything – just open the new file.
The updated Hybrid software is also now available. Download and unzip the files to the correct folder (same location and procedure as usual). Delete all old files first.

Hybrid instructions

I managed to finish the written Hybrid instructions today, at least to the point where I only need to proof-read everything. So I will definitely release the new version on Monday. But I wont have time to do the tutorial videos until early January. You don’t really need them though. They are more an added bonus to help learn.

Hybrid updates & upcoming schedule

A new version of the Hybrid is available. I’ve tested it and it works perfectly. This mod makes it much easier to know the parameters to use while setting up.
The past week has been crazy busy and next week I’ll be very busy catching up on everything. But by Tuesday, I will have responded to all emails, help desk tickets and code requests.
To Hybrid Users:
1. I’ll finish updating the instructions on Monday, and will release the new version at the same time. There’s no point to releasing the software until the instructions are done. I’ll continue on the instructions right after posting this update.
2. Several new training videos are available. Email me for the links. These are rushed videos I just made today, but they cover the most important parts.
3. I will be doing more carefully prepared and clearer training videos in the first 2 weeks of January. I want to make it all very basic for everyone. And shortly after, we will be doing a live webcam training video where users can see the Hybrid’s software interface, and everything it is doing so you can learn to use it properly. Not everyone will be able to attend live, so the recording will be available later. But if you can be there live, then you will be able to ask questions and have them answered. You will need a account to view the meeting and ask questions in the chat windows, but please:
    a. Do NOT use your real name for the account (because other players will see it)
    b. Don’t ask any questions relating to private matters, because other players will see this and hear the answer. Plus I’ll later need to censor it in the released recording, which means more work.
4. The next software update will fix some annoying bugs, like sometimes play mode doesn’t initiate. These bugs aren’t critical but are mostly annoying.
To JAA & Other Players
The new programmer will complete some of the software mods by end of January. The time of year slows progress down.
There are many more announcements to be made, about the Android computer and other software for players, but everything can wait until the new year.

Urgency of help desk tickets

Recently a lot of players are again marking helpdesk tickets as very high, severe or critical. The majority of these are for software access codes. Sometimes players may forget to check when an access code is due to expire, and the software may lock in the middle of play. But it seems to be happening an inordinate number of times, or at least I’m assuming why access code requests are marked with such high priority. This should never happen if you check when access is going to expire. Players must be responsible for monitoring win codes will expire. The purpose of using the urgency ratings is so I know when I must respond as soon as possible, and when things can wait until Monday (after weekends).
Basically I’m asking players to take responsibility for monitoring their codes and when they are set to expire, and do not abuse the urgency rating system. If individual players appear to be repeatedly abusing this feature, naturally when their issues really are critical, I will assume that things haven’t changed.

Calls tomorrow, hybrid and general schedule

I wont be available for calls tomorrow, but will on Thursday 11th December.
I received the latest version of the Hybrid in reference to BDC sensitivity and target, but it has some minor arithmetic errors that will be corrected soon.
I’ve had a few meeting lately so am a bit behind on emails but will I’ll be up to date by the end of the week.

General schedule

I’ve responded to all help desk tickets but not all emails. I’ll have time to do the rest of the emails tomorrow (Thursday). Please do not re-send emails.

Hybrid update ready

The hybrid update is ready, but I haven’t had time to update the instructions to explain the new features and capabilities. More experienced players will understand the settings though; at least most of them. Some additional updates will be complete some time next week, then I’ll update the instructions and release an updated build.