JAA roulette system partners

If any of the more experienced players are interested in continuing sales of the JAA system, let me know. You would be responsible for taking over almost everything including sales and support. We could come to an arrangement much like previous players did. It is very important that you be an experienced player to ensure the support you provide to players is accurate. You would not have access to source codes – but you would have control of everything else. Contact me to discuss if interested.

Hybrid instructions update (for players)

Download the updated instructions from the same location. You shouldn’t need document unlocking again. The updated part is the addition of Chapter 25. It explains a recent mod that enhances the Hybrid’s ability to deal with the following situations:


* Very small, dark or barely visible green zero


* Being unable to use typical equipement in a casino room with tighter security (such as body-friskying and searching, or you needing to wear light clothing)


* Very poor internet access (this is rarely a problem because we can already use multiple phones to send video, but the latest mod gives us another option).


* The ball is almost invisible at very fast speeds and/or on LCD screens.


* Enhanced ability for single players to use the Hybrid without any operator.


This mod is a bit of overkill, but it’s nice to have the enhanced capabilities in case they are ever needed.