Hybrid updated instructions

I’ve updated chapter 22 in the instructions, which has more examples about how to hide the camera. Download the latest instructions. Keep in mind even if that’s not enough, you can wear multiple cameras at the same time. I can give help and advice for specific conditions you play in, but players should also use their initiative to find the best solution for where they play.

Hybrid players leaving remote access enabled

A few players are still leaving phones and PCs connected to the remote access software. This means any other player with access to the login details can log onto your phones and PCs. If you setup the software correctly, then you would still need to approve the connection first – but I’m aware not everyone has setup the software correctly. Please don’t forget to close the software when it is not in use.

Hybrid operator access

I’ve had to change the software used by Operators to access the Hybrid server. It involved a lot of tedious configurations but I’m complete with the template. Now for each Operator, I just need to make changes to the template so each team only has access to their own unique server. This is required or other players would be able to connect to and interfere with your server.


From here it takes about 60 minutes to set up each new server. This is mainly because each server’s files are 30GB and it takes a long time to replicate on the hardware.


I will contact each operator with their login details and new instructions. I expect to have contacted all operators within 24hrs from now.


It took longer than expected but the upside is the new software is significantly faster.

General update and support

A team of 3 players will be taking over most of sales & support again which will give me more free time. This is a positive thing because support tickets will be answered quicker. The more complicated tickets will be forwarded to me.


The arrangement is conditional on some changes they want to make – basically to simplify everything. The transition will be gradual over the coming weeks but I’ll ensure its seamless and positive for players.