Updated Hybrid instructions

Updated instructions are now available. The update is in Chapter 21 which explains steps to take for specific phone models. If the correct steps aren’t taken, the video relay app wont work. These additional steps are required because different phones have different firmware which behaves differently.

General update

I returned a day early (bad weather) so I started catching up on work today. Please be patient. I expect to be up to date on all work before the end of the week.

Important Hybrid updates

Updated video and video relay app (you’d know the actual app names): They both need to be installed before any further play sessions. Remember to fully uninstall the other versions so you don’t accidentally re-install the old apps. Download and install the new versions from the same locations. I’ve already replaced the old version. If you need the link again, ask via encrypted email. The update is important because if there are any conflicting devices around, the phones wont connect.


Updated instructions: Download again from same location. Chapter 21 has the updates, which explain how to use the updated apps. It’s only a minor change. Basically you find and enter the device name for the phone, so each phone knows which connection to accept.

Updated hybrid instructions (again)

I updated the hybrid instructions again, adding chapter 24 which is for "case studies". Basically I’ll gradually add actual emails I send players (with some edits) so players can better understand common mistakes and how to fix them. Again download the updated instructions from the same location.

Hybrid server updates

This week we expect a new Hybrid server version with a small but useful mod. Inistead of the usual multiple clicks to enter data, the operator will just click a number or direction in the user interface. This saves about 10 second of time for each spin. It might not sound like much, but the mod is very useful when the wheel spins very frequently. The functionality for players who don’t have an operator will still remain.