Hybrid updated instructions

There are updated instructions available for bettors (not operators). Download the updated version from the same location, and you can open the file from the same PC as the older version. The addition is chapter 19, which explains all the audio players may hear, so you better understand what’s happening behind the scenes.

Hybrid connections

I’ve designed an approach to deal with poor internet connection issues. Mostly it is not a problem, but it’s still a significant issue. Basically the solution involves combining multiple connections into one stable connection. This way, a smaller video buffer can be used, and predictions are earlier. I’m talking about only a 1-2 seconds difference, but that’s a whole extra bet that can be placed. I’m not sure when it will be available, but I’m guessing around 3 weeks. There are existing solutions that can do much the same, but the equipment in those cases is too bulky.