Hybrid Partnerships

It’s very difficult to know a productive profit-split partner before they actually start playing. When I consider applications for partnership, everyone assures me they’ll be more dedicated than everyone else. But even with careful selection of partners, only about 1 in 10 prove to be regular productive players.
The main reasons for this are:
* People easily lose interest when they don’t pay anything for the computers. Players who pay for them inevitably dedicate more time.
* Players weren’t honest about their availability or personal circumstances that affects their ability to dedicate time.
Many partners have failed to disclose winnings, which I know because they tell other players who then tell me. And many players simply stop responding to my emails completely and never bother to even return the equipment. Unfortunately this is how disrespectful some people are, even when they get something for free.
It is very difficult to find people with integrity, who also understand the roulette computers are just a tool that need to be used by motivated and capable people. The computers are extremely accurate in experienced hands, but they are still just a tool, and the player needs to do the work.
There are almost 200 applications for Hybrid partnership. Again everyone assures me they will be dedicated. But rather than carefully selecting partners, I sent instructions for every individual to do some basic research at their local casino. These were simple instructions that require the player to spend 2 or so hours in their local casino. And out of nearly 200 players who assured me they were serious, barely any actually did the research. This at least helped identify people who weren’t serious enough.
I’m still looking for serious partners. But if you aren’t going to do what you say you’ll do, and aren’t even prepared to do some research at your local casino, don’t bother applying. See www.roulettephysics.com/partners/ to apply.

Hybrid remote access

I’ve written the instructions to use remote access, except some details about connecting to my server, because the server tech is still configuring it and some things aren’t known yet. But the prototype server that actually runs the Hybrid software is complete.
So basically all that’s left to do is:
1. Server admin finish configuring intermediary server (the server in between the phone in the casino, and the computer that runs the Hybrid software)
2. Instructional video to make everything easier to understand
For players using the remote access capabilities, I’ll be able to see everything you do and it will be much easier for me to help you. In many cases I’ll be able to just set everything up for you, with all you needing to do is sit in front of the wheel with the hidden camera. Because I know the setup process so well, it wont take long at all and it will mean there’s a lot less for you to learn. Then you just do the usual click to start the prediction process.
This will be the only way to access the new version which includes 1-3 second predictions. This is for a few reasons, including the typical processor cant handle 30 frames per second. The new version needs a lot more processing power.
So there is still some work left to be done. I don’t yet know when it will be ready for use. Hypothetically if the tech finished Thursday, then everything should be available about a week from then because there will need to be testing and fixing any issues that are found.

Remote Hybrid Use

All coding for remote application of the Hybrid is complete. We’ve created the server for it but it needs to be configured properly. This may take a few more days. I’ll need to hire someone extra for this part. It will take a few days to find someone, then a day or so for them to complete the work. All things considered, it should be up and running some time next week. But it will need more testing before it is made available.

Public holiday Monday

I’m up to date on all emails and tickets, except for a few ones that came in late today. I’ll be away Monday due to public holiday, but back Tuesday.

General Update

I’ve been caught up in some work so a bit behind on emails and help desk tickets, but will be fully up to date by tomorrow midday.