1-3 second predictions on Hybrid V3

The feature that allows the Hybrid to get predictions 1-3 seconds after ball release is going very well, but progress is slow. This is extremely complicated and difficult development work. I received a test version today and the core part works properly on the Hybrid processor. I don’t yet know how long this work will take but it is about 40% complete.

Help desk tickets

I’ve responded to all help desk tickets and emails. Just a reminder that when you send me a long list of questions, you should use the format:
1. This is one question
2. This is another question.
And there should be one clear and direct question. This means one question mark per question.
But many players are asking questions like: What can I do if this happens? And what about this or that? And what about this when that happens? (all on one line)
And long questions like this are very time consuming to respond to. Especially when there are many paragraphs like this.
If you have background information about a question, then please very clearly explain it. For me to give everyone good support, I need everyone’s help in making things easier for me. Do not ask poorly worded questions. Put some time and thought into what you are typing.

Behind on emails

I’ll be up to date on all emails and help desk tickets by midday tomorrow. I’ve had a few meetings and haven’t been able to do them earlier. Please do not re-send emails.

No calls today, and general schedule

I have a meeting today so cant take calls today (Wednesday). I have another meeting tomorrow morning but will be available for calls from about 1pm onwards. I wont be available at all on Friday although I will at least respond to all emails and help desk tickets.

Android Vs Uber computer

Many players are asking me about the differences between the Uber and Android computer. See the below points:
* There will be different stages of development. So gradually more capabilities will be added, although at this stage I cannot guarantee how far the development will go because everything that can be done in such a computer has already been done in the Uber. So the below points are based on development I know will be done:
* The accuracy is almost identical if you get late predictions. In the first version, the Android will be less accurate, but later the accuracy will be the same
* I may or may not implement some of the Hybrid’s algorithms, which will make it more accurate than the Uber. But this may be around 5-6 months from being available. I cannot guarantee I will even implement those algorithms.
* If you need very early predictions with accuracy, only the Uber does this. I dont plan to develop the Android so that it can get accurate predictions that are very early (by using two players clocking the rotor and ball at same time). This is because the Uber already does it and its a very complex mod. I may change my mind – it more depends on my available time to work with the programmers.
* The main purpose of the Android’s development is for partners or lease agreements. All of the wheel’s data is uploaded to a server so I can easily check the data and advise players. The Uber requires the user to send me data manually.
* The Android’s screen is bigger and easier to see. This makes no real difference though. You see see more than what you need on the Uber’s screen. And for those who don’t know how roulette computers work, no you do not watch the phone’s screen while using it at the table.
* The Android version will have like a wizard process for assessing wheels and applying the computer. So it will be simpler for new players to use.
In all, the Android is not a needed computer. It is overkill and perhaps I have an obsession with roulette computer development. The Uber already does everything that is possible. There are several main reasons I wanted to develop it, with the primary reason being I wanted to create a version that was as dummy proof as possible, by using a setup wizard that guides you through the whole process of assessing the wheel and applying the computer. And it is easier to work on Androids than the Uber phones. I didn’t want to modifying the already perfect Uber source code. And for players that understand perfect English and don’t mind a bit of extra reading, the Uber is likely to always be a more capable device than the Android.

Android roulette computer

There are no further developments with the android roulette computer yet. The programmer is still working on higher priority tasks I’ve assigned. It still may be another month or two before the android is available. I will post another update when he begins work. There is an a lot of work left, so once he starts, he won’t take more than a few weeks.

Hybrid wireless range

I’ve tested new equipment to extend the Hybrid’s wireless. The range can now extend to outside the casino. While I knew it could be done one way or another, the parts and setup are now available. The cost is only US$1,500 for all parts plus delivery (cost price). Extending range further extra is achievable, even to your home, but is not needed. Not even this addition was needed but it was a player’s request.

Hybrid update available

There is a Hybrid update available that increases the accuracy of timings by improving the stability of frame rates. The improvement is a faster decryption algorithm that works with the sdcard. The difference is significant especially if you are getting early predictions and using the target equivalent. But the downside is the sdcard needs a firmware update so it needs to be sent back to me. It cant be done remotely as it uses coded hardware only I have. If you ship it back, remember to use a reputable courier that tracks is all the way, and contact me for the address you need to send to (not the po box).
Any of the future updates will need the firmware update so you will need to send the card back anyway at some stage. We tried to avoid this being needed, but the rare exception is the firmware update.