Back Today & general update

I’m back today and have just been managing some tasks. While away I was responding to emails so there are very few emails left, and I’ll respond tomorrow. A few of the findings while away are:


·         4G works perfectly fine for the Hybrid server

·         4G and any mobile connection is terrible for online casinos

·         NBN and cable connections are overkill for the hybrid server

·         Noosa is over-populated and no longer a quiet country town. It’s great for a holiday but no longer a good value real estate investment. Better options are in outer-northern parts of Perth, and around Adelaide.

·         Brisbane’s roulette conditions haven’t significantly changed. There is some new technology but it doesn’t change much.


A few people have asked if I was overseas, and no I wasn’t. Noosa is just a northern part of Australia.


I’ve finalized the specifications for hybrid updates that help with the slingshot wheels, but they haven’t been coded yet. They are minor additions but will be available in about 2 weeks because of other tasks assigned to the programmer.

Slingshot wheels with Hybrid

I’ve been testing on a slingshot wheel with the Hybrid and found a physical anomaly that reduces accuracy. It would affect any roulette computer that uses typical primordial charts (jump charts), including the Uber, by making the ball behavior and resulting drop time much more complicated to model. The anomaly is mostly dealt with by using the Hybrid’s equivalent of target. But with any setting that doesn’t use target, accuracy is reduced (eg, from possible 30% edge to 5%). The difference between actual and predicted ball drop time can be +/-2500ms (with predictions about 20s before ball fall) which is much larger than it should be. Depending on the individual wheel, there is still likely an edge, but not the maximum possible. Hybrid users can use the target feature, but this only deals with part of the problem, and you’ll need around 50% more spins than usual for analysis. I’m working on a solution that better models the ball behavior. This will be used in conjunction with target, then the hybrid will beat a larger proportion of slingshot wheels. I’ll work on it while I’m away and possibly the update will be available before I’m back.