Hybrid server access

There are a few Hybrid servers running at any one time. Each user is assigned to one server. The majority of time, they aren’t being used. You aren’t going to be playing 24/7. So all servers aren’t left running continuously, users should let me know approximate times they need the server available. Please use the form at http://www.roulettephysics.com/hybrid-access/
Unless you have specifically let me know a timeframe, your server will remain off.
If you don’t know exactly when you will need access, I can just leave it running but I’d rather you at least let me know when you wont be using it at all. Otherwise if you’re on vacation or something, the server will be left on for nothing. One server by itself doesn’t waste much energy, but multiple servers does.

Hybrid remote data encryption

Some users have requested full encryption of the video and audio, so this has been applied. I only just got it working (4:15pm) so wont be able to send details to users until tomorrow. Now not even the ISP (or network owner) can see the video or hear the audio. You could even use the casino’s own wireless internet against them, and they wouldn’t have any idea. It would be very unlikely that someone would be inspecting the data on a network, but it is better to have the encryption than not.
It’s not an excuse to break any laws though. Remember it is a strict term that you must not break any laws. I’m not saying this in code or anything – I mean what I say. There are plenty of legal places to play and I don’t want legal troubles.

Hybrid remote

The modification that allows multiple users to be connected is now complete and works perfectly. To make sure nothing has been missed, I testing everything from start to finish on my wheel through the phone / GSM networks at my residence. The reception is very poor (rural area) and unpredictably switches between 1 bar, 2 bars, or no reception at all. The 3G (standard mobile internet) connection is even worse, and there is no 4G (faster mobile internet) at all. This is much worse than you get in most casinos, so perhaps it’s good for testing.
Testing revealed an issue where if the connection is very bad, the video won’t play properly and predictions wont be accurate. The issue is being worked on and should be resolved within a week or so. The end result will be if the internet connection is very bad, the result is only delayed predictions, not inaccurate predictions (delay depends on quality of connection). This is is already the case for average connection quality, but not if the connection is extremely bad.
But I’ll still make the server available to players tomorrow (Wednesday). You just need to be aware of the issue. I suggest when you first have access, only test at home. Do not play in a real casino until this issue is fixed.
I couldn’t find any other issues but will continue testing after the issue is resolved. If any users find problems, let me know details. If you have been waiting for access, send me an email and I’ll send what you need by the end of Wednesday.

JAA system phone

The programmer who was working on this completed about 85% of it, then went on vacation for weeks without telling me, and came back promising to finish it, but hasn’t. He was reliable with other projects, but not this one. I’m tired of waiting and will use another programmer. This kind of situation is common and it leaves me having an unfinished program and a lost investment. It happened numerous times while developing the Hybrid, which was a nightmare to develop, before I found a programmer with ability and integrity.
For the system phone, it’s not as simple as just getting a new programmer to finish the last 15% because it takes a lot of work for the new programmer to first understand how the previous programmer structured the source code. It is actually quicker, cheaper and easier to have another programmer start from scratch, which is what I’ll be doing. But I’ll be using a programmer I’ve worked with for a while, and he’s very reliable. For now though, my focus is on finishing the remote Hybrid. All things considered, I expect the system phone will be available in around 1-2 months.

Hybrid remote

I tested the latest version this morning. As far as I can tell, everything is working for multiple users except:
  • Only the main user of the hybrid will receive predictions (soon any amount of bettors will be able to receive predictions too, just as it is with the earlier version)
  • The audio is not being transmitted
We knew these would be issues. We just needed to test one change with another part of the software to see if it will work for multiple users, which it did. So now it just needs to be applied to the parts of the hybrid. These will probably be done over the weekend. But then I’ll need to test fully and finish some network configurations, and do other work in between. So it is looking like around Wednesday (at the earliest) it will be available.

Hybrid remote access

All that’s left is for some minor modifications so multiple users can connect at the same time. It is an easy mod but it wont be available this week because of the programmer’s schedule. The updated written instructions are finished. Once the software mods are done, I’ll test them then record some instructional videos which will make everything easier to learn. I understand players are eager to access the latest version, but I’ve done everything I could do to move things along faster. At this stage I estimate it will be available around Wednesday, but again it depends on the programmer.


All shipping was done today, but I haven’t had time to send everyone the tracking details yet. So if you were waiting for a physical item, it’s on the way.

Hybrid remote use

I’ve managed to get one remote hybrid computer setup and working perfectly. This is so the server allows one user of the Hybrid at a time. What’s left to do:
1. Allow multiple simultaneous users (about 1-2 more days of work)
2. Security testing (1 day of work)
3. Modifying instructions (1-2 more days)
At this point, it will be made available to players. But I will need the sd card back from users before access can be given. The card needs to be plugged into the server. You can ship back now (just the sd card), but use a reputable and fully tracked courier that ships to po boxes. Shipping address is at http://www.roulette-computers.com/support/
I haven’t requested it back until now because if you are without the card, then you wouldn’t be able to run the hybrid software. Waiting until now minimizes the time you don’t have access.
So a realistic estimate for it to be available to players is about 5 working days, which is about the same time the sd card takes to reach me.
Extra parts to do later include:
4. Software mods (only minor) so:
a. The operator can speak to the players at the table (like on phones, to give players instructions)
b. Audio quality is lower, because it is currently transmitting at a much higher quality than needed)
c. Extra bettor phones will work via remote too (currently only 1 bettor/player is supported, but it’s an easy fix)
You will be able to access everything from the existing phones you have. But the buttons for starting and stopping the video, and starting the prediction process will need to be run via a hidden cable, like with the other computers (Uber, Lite etc). You can do these mods yourself, or my technician can do them for you. But for best results with highest frame rate possible, faster phones should be used. Including mods, they will be about USD$1000 each. You need only one of them though. Again you can use the existing phones though, but they have a slightly lower frame rate.